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The Feminine Crescendo- #S8839 In Minerva Bridal Chiffon

I knew when I saw the Simplicity Pattern #s8839 that chiffon needed to be its mate. The sleeves are very dramatic with bias binding encasing 1/4" elastic in 3 sections, I decided to add a 4th section for added volume. (Glad I did!). Minerva Crafts offers a wonderful bridal chiffon, my color is blush. This particular chiffon holds up well to cutting, manipulating, sewing, and pressing. Chiffon has a tendency to get sucked down the needle plate with beginning stitches but that did not happen once, due to good fortune, or perhaps my Microtex needle, and using the starch method when sewing the chiffon fabric. I particularly loved the way that small details shine through when multiple layers of chiffon meet. For example, the bust pleats, the gathering, and the bias binding on the neckline, which was not part of the pattern. I found this chiffon very easy to hem, when stitching a 1/4" line all the way around, trimming, and double folding the hem, pressing, and sewing close to the fold. I sewed a straight size 14 because I did not want this (non stretch) fabric to be too tight around my bust or shoulders. I did eliminate 2" from the front/back bodice because I have a rather small torso. I feel this design in tandem with this fabric is so feminine, elegant, and a wonderful statement piece paired with simple shorts, trousers, or a high waisted skirt.

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