• Olivia Bowman

Modesty is sexy.

This dress is self drafted/ Vogue inspired based on a couture gown pattern I once used, without a lot of unnecessary construction headache inducing instructions/steps, and with added detail+ bias binding in the neck facing, arm/sleeve facings, and throughout the inside. I avoided serging at all cost, minus the side seams. The zipper (not shown) is a nice accent color, mauve/peach. The fabric is lightweight, woven cotton blend of some sort. I purchased 7 yards of it in my favorite fabric shop of all time, Gårda Textil, in the dreamy city of Goteborg, Sweden. I am officially out, minus the pile of scraps that I will be using for quilts, eye masks, and gifted projects. I have a very short waist and made sure the slimmest part of my waist was where the bodice met the skirt. I also created a skirt that would hit just under the knee, modestly accentuating the length of my best feature. I also made sure to account for (eating) wiggle room, this dress will always allow the body to form it, although it is fitted, it is not baggy, or skin tight (my pet peeve). This is a great dress to hide my tattoos- or- meet the mother in law- or attend a religious ceremony- or just wear to accept your amazon delivery (which I had to do during the photo shoot), and I'll have you know, I received a "Damnnn girl, you are looking fine during quarantine," to which I replied with a smile, "oh bless you're heart!"

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