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Minerva Crafts Fabric Review (Cotton Poplin)

I was recently the recipient of Rose & Hubble #RoseandHubble cotton poplin fabric from #MinervaCrafts in red & royal blue. "Poplin Fabric is derived from the French word “papeline” and is sometimes referred to as tabinet. Considered an all-purpose fabric due to its tight look and flat finish, poplin is used in men's shirts and pants, women's dresses and even banners, upholstery and tablecloths." Right away I knew by feel this was quality cotton and boy was it a pleasure to stitch together into a luxurious pajama set featuring a dearly beloved #Simplicity pattern #S8413 I wanted to #sew something to make these days spent mostly at home more glamorous. We could all use pajamas that make us feel fancy and beautiful, especially in a world that has glorified tacky pajamas, you know the ones...I decided this fabric would make a perfect slip dress and Kimono to be worn on top or separately. The pattern to fabric combo was a hit from the very start! The cotton was so easy to stitch compared to my normal choice of linen. I tend to stick only to natural fibers for environmental reasons and it has been some time since I have made a garment from cotton poplin. The colors are so bright that my camera had a difficult time focusing on the ornate design. What I loved most about this fabric was the wrong sides were so vibrant that they did not contrast too much to the detailed pattern and held their own as beautiful linings. I also decided this #fabric was worthy of a french seam. The Asian inspired print is reminiscent of the early 1900's in America when Asian influence was bringing its timeless glory to art, architecture, and design. A time to be coined with it's own period in art history known as Art Deco. This was before many images were available of #Asia and American's were mostly aware only through story telling and artifacts brought back from the wealthy who traveled there by ship and brought back textiles and goods. This set and fabric reminds me to relax, sip my #matcha and remember the smells and experiences that remind me the most of time spent in Zen meditation with my dear brother, and Buddhist student Luke.

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