• Olivia Bowman

Positivism During Pandemic

· Instead of driving to 2-3 grocery stores/week on a whim, desire, or greedy need. I will dedicate myself to going to the store less frequently, stocking up, and saving the planet from my unnecessary carbon monoxide emissions, or biking there.

[ I will continue eating both for pleasure, and for pure necessity, I will stop skipping meals]

· When I want to exercise, I won’t run every day inside like a caged animal at the gym, I will run outside whenever possible

* I will focus on the positive, and use my Louise Hay affirmations as a tool, instead of a forgotten way... (All is well in my world, I can handle my own life with joy and ease)

· I will incorporate the hobbies I have allowed to slip into 3rd 4th and 5th place (painting, writing, and weaving)

* I will start watching a movie every now and then, and not call myself lazy when I do

· Baking will continue to be a weekly act of mediation and fulfillment

· My famous Fish Dish, (from Alison Roman) will be continuously cooked every Friday, until I cannot take it anymore

· I will wake up every day and listen to a record, drink my Matcha, and not rush like a hyena to work

· I will call my family regularly, that rotational sharing of feelings, commonality, struggle, laughter, and precious connection has saved me during harder days

· I will continue strengthening my faith and hope in myself, my decisions, and my actions

· I will stop persevering thoughts that have no use, or helpfulness to me

--Sewing slowly, not focusing on perfection in a limiting way, but focusing on tiny details, and every line of stitching in a meditative, slow, and enjoyable way, highly regarded later in the little gift of wearing something well made & noticing the thoughtful creation

** I will stop feeling the need to paint my finger nails, I like them bare/ chemical free

· I will take IMITREX at the start of every migraine, and listen to my Momma when she gives me advice

· I will drink more tea, and less coffee!

· I will wake up when my body is ready, and stop using a jolting, cortisol inducing alarm clock, which btw is of the modern world, and I am convinced is unhealthy (unless you have the red eye flight to somewhere far away)

· I will visit everyone in my family more often, and I will hug, and hug, and hug, and hug

*** I will smile at strangers, even if their reaction is confusion, a questioning look, or puzzled stare

- I will continue to be involved in politics, in the ways that I can, for the issues I am passionate about.

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