• Olivia Bowman

Conquering the Vogue-1645 Jumpsuit

Although the pattern was frustrating, full of typos, and 100% misleading...I won. It was not a full success however, I should have made a Small. The Medium is a little too baggy, and I knew this halfway through but couldn't turn back. I will be making another one soon out of tencel! I did go with the Hong Kong bias binding throughout the entire garment, which was tedious, time consuming, and 100% worth it in the end! The scary stories about this online are all true! The zipper instructions were so minimal that I installed it three times before deciding where it should go. The pockets made me question why I ever started sewing, and the hem is the only major change (other than size) that I would make, I don't think it was necessary to bias bind the hem, and a double folded 1/4" hem would have been much less painful. If you decide to risk you sanity and sew this, welcome to the Vogue-1645 club, I think it is a right of passage for sure!

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